Rev. Kamal Jerald Rodgers Mall, son of Mr Cecil Rodgers Mall, has been a Presbyter in the Diocese of Delhi (CNI) since November 1993. He completed his Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Arts (Sociology), Bachelor of Divinity (UPGRD) and MA in Christian Management. He celebrates his birthday on the 18th of January.

His wife Neeta Mall, is the Headmistress of the middle section at Faith Academy School, Prasad Nagar. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree followed by her B.Ed,  M.A. in Sociology and M. Ed. She celebrates her birthday on the 17th of October.

They celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 21st of December.

Their two daughters, Michelle Joelina, is joining MSW course in August 2017 and Minhael Johanna passed the Senior Secondary Examination of CBSE from St. Thomas School, Mandir Marg. Michelle celebrates her birthday on the 4th of January while Minhael, on the 28th of September.